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  • Locally Grown

    Triple Pack Phalaenopsis Orchids

    Phalaenopsis amabilis Introducing our enchanting Three-Pack Orchid Trio featuring the mesmerizing Phalaenopsis…

  • Mini Olive Tree

    Armstrong Grown

    Mini Olive Tree

    Olea europaea Introducing our exquisite Mini Olive Topiary Lollipop, a delightful fusion of nature's elegance …

  • Calla Lilly

    Armstrong Grown

    Calla Lilly

    Calla Lilly Embrace the vibrant spirit of spring and Easter with our exquisite Calla Lilies. Available in a de…

  • Lavender Primavera

    Armstrong Grown

    Lavender Primavera

    Lavandula Primavera Introducing the Lavender Primavera, your Easter garden essentia. Bring the vibrant colors …

    $11.99 - $29.99