Plant Care & Accessories

  • Essential Plant Care Kit

    We The Wild

    Essential Plant Care Kit

    Elevate your plant care routine with our Essential Plant Care Kit – the A-B-C of plant care for thriving…

  • Houseplant Leaf Care Bundle

    We The Wild

    Houseplant Leaf Care Bundle

    Elevate your leaf care routine with our Houseplant Leaf Care Spray and Glove Bundle – the ultimate combi…

  • Revive & Thrive Duo Kit

    We The Wild

    Revive & Thrive Duo Kit

    Introducing our Revive and Thrive Duo Kit – the ultimate solution to feed and strengthen your plants, no…

  • Orchid Essential Kit

    We The Wild

    Orchid Essential Kit

    Discover the secret to vibrant and healthy orchids with our Orchid Care Essentials Kit! This all-in-one kit is…

  • Adjustable LED Plant Light


    Adjustable LED Plant Light

    Illuminate your plant haven with the Mossify Adjustable LED Plant Light – a sleek and efficient lighting…

  • Mossify Velcro Tape


    Mossify Velcro Tape

    Introducing Mossify Plant Tape – the ultimate solution for delicately securing and guiding your growing …

    $6.99 - $14.99
  • Houseplant Leaf Cleaning Gloves

    We The Wild

    Houseplant Leaf Cleaning Gloves

    Experience effortless leaf cleaning with our premium Microfiber Leaf Cleaning Gloves! The simplest way to shin…

  • Best Sellers Moss Mix


    Best Sellers Moss Mix

    Experience a fusion of nature's finest with SuperMoss Moss Mix – a curated collection of our best-sellin…

  • Reindeer Moss - Chartruse


    Reindeer Moss - Chartruse

    Explore the vibrant world of SuperMoss Reindeer Moss in Chartruse – a top-selling moss for floral decor …

  • Preserved Spanish Moss - Green


    Preserved Spanish Moss - Green

    Discover the enduring beauty of SuperMoss Preserved Spanish Moss – a timeless favorite that grows in an …