Preserved Spanish Moss - Green

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Discover the enduring beauty of SuperMoss Preserved Spanish Moss – a timeless favorite that grows in an enchanting, swirly, spaghetti-like fashion. Elevate your floral displays, creative projects, and garden with this versatile staple. Responsibly procured, our moss comes in its natural color and an array of enhanced colors to seamlessly match your home decor.

Renowned for its durability and reliability, SuperMoss Preserved Spanish Moss is ideal for covering soil, dressing container plants, and enhancing the beauty of bulbs and orchids. Perfect as a natural fill for gift baskets, our moss is cleaned before packaging to remove small particles, ensuring a pristine presentation.

Embrace the details:

  • Long-lasting Preserved Spanish Moss
  • Beautiful long strands of swirly moss
  • Washed and cleaned to remove dust and small particles
  • Ideal for covering soil and dressing potted plants
  • Perfect for special events, home decor, and craft projects
  • Non-toxic – Safe for people, pets, and plants

Coverage: 175 cubic inches