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Houseplant Leaf Care Bundle

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Elevate your leaf care routine with our Houseplant Leaf Care Spray and Glove Bundle – the ultimate combination for clean and protected leaves throughout the seasons. This bundle includes the best-selling Protect Spray with Neem (17 fl oz) and a pair of microfiber Leaf Cleaning Gloves, ensuring your plants stay shiny, clean, and shielded year-round.

Key Features:

  • Protect Spray: Best for 12-20 plants, with a potent yet gentle formula containing microbial solution, Neem Oil, and pure botanical oils. Lemon scented. 
  • Leaf Cleaning Gloves: One size

Ingredients: Water, Liquid Vermicast, Vegetable Oils, Essential Oil Blend, Neem Oil, Soap, Natural Emulsifier.

Usage Instructions:

  • Use every 2 weeks or as desired.
  • Shake well before use; ensure well-watered plants out of direct sunlight.
  • Spray top and underside of leaves and stems.
  • Wipe if desired.
  • Leave in a well-ventilated area to dry.

Enhance your leaf care routine with this eco-friendly, science-backed bundle – crafted in the USA. Embrace total plant care in three simple steps by combining with our Grow & Enrich formulas. Elevate your houseplant experience with cleanliness, protection, and ease.