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  • Red Anthurium

    Locally Grown

    Red Anthurium

    Anthurium andraeanum Get ready to fall in love with the bold and fiery beauty of our red anthurium! With its v…

  • Locally Grown

    Triple Pack Phalaenopsis Orchids

    Phalaenopsis amabilis Introducing our enchanting Three-Pack Orchid Trio featuring the mesmerizing Phalaenopsis…

  • White Dendrobium Orchid

    Locally Grown

    White Dendrobium Orchid

    Dendrobium nobile Introducing the Snow Queen of botanical elegance – the White Dendrobium Or…

  • Dancing Lady Colmanara Orchid

    Locally Grown

    Dancing Lady Colmanara Orchid

    Colmanara spp. Introducing the vibrant Colmanara Orchid, a botanical sensation that brings a burst…

  • Spider Brassia Orchid

    Locally Grown

    Spider Brassia Orchid

    Brassia spp. Introducing the enchanting Brassia Orchid, a trendy and fun botanical masterpiece that adds a tou…